Artwork Info



60-58 Cuppa Verona 60-292 Jelly Belly
60-271  Flair 60-57 Commuter
60-225  No-Spill 60-800 Big "T"
60-282  Vixon 60-228 No-Spill
60-801 Multi 70-54 Auto Cruiser
60-284  Tank 60-250 Pot Belly

70-57 Commuter Cruiser

70-65 Coffee Bud
75-44 Great Grip 60-0186 Flair
  60-0127 Spahk 60-293 Mooshu
60-297  Dot Com 60-288 Diner
60-270  Small Diner 70-1170/80 Grab-It
2ARTWORK Specification

Prices in this catalog are based on receipt of Camera Ready Artwork. Photocopy or FAX art are not acceptable. Camera Ready Artwork is clean, sharp lined Black and White PMT, positive film to size. To size is our stated maximum imprint area for each item, unless you state a smaller imprint is required. E-mail artwork is also acceptable. Must be submitted in Macintosh Adobe Illustrator, EPS file, outlined or appropriate fonts submitted. Fuzzy, unclear artwork, or multicolor artwork that is not color separated is not camera ready and will be subject to art or camera charges. Camera sizing is $12.50 Other artwork will be billed at $50.00 per hour. Unless otherwise stated on your order, we will only call if the art charges exceed $25.00. If a typestyle match is needed, use page 43. Just a reminder that if artwork is to be returned after use, please specify this on the purchase order and place identification on the artwork to where the artwork should be returned. Please add $3.50 plus postage.


Due to limitations of inorganic ceramic materials, the reproduction of artwork will vary somewhat from the original. For best results, white mugs are suggested.

To avoid art charges, we recommend that you submit camera ready artwork as follows:

Photoshop image in a disk, CD, Zip or e-mail at least 280 dpi.

For better control of the whole operation, we recommend our own in-house procedures.

In-house set-up requires a color transparency or computer artwork in the following formats:

Quark Xpress, Adobe Illustrator, Freehand or Photoshop.

Floppy disks, CD, Zip, Syquest or e-mail can be submitted.

A $575.00 non-refundable set-up and sampling charge will be applied. We recommend having a color key or photo to match colors. Any alterations or typesetting will incur an additional charge of $50.00 per hour. Minimum order 288 pcs.


In multiple colored designs (two or more colors) where it becomes necessary to register one color or more next to another, there is the possibility of misregistration amounting to approximately 3/32ö (2.5mm) to the right or left, depending on the size and shape of the ware being decorated. This tolerance meets industry standards, and must be considered acceptable.


On mugs, and other ware with handles, the standard imprint position is on the side facing a right-handed drinker. The position is referred to as the "front" and is where we will imprint the item unless otherwise specified. The side facing the left-handed drinker can be specified by using the term "back." A third position available can be specified as "opposite the handle."


THE Standard personalization charge (USING one TYPESTYLE from CHART on page 43) is $2.35 per item. ALL NAMES will be imprinted in black. No fewer than 50 personalization's will be done on any order at one time. For another ceramic color $2.50 per item, 22K gold $2.75 per item. Actual signature personalization or different typeset other than chart $3.00 per item. Personalization lists must be submitted typewritten alphabetized. Typesetting names is an additional charge. Plus screen charge $45.00 per color.


On halftones we use no more than 60 lines per inch screen between 40% - 60%. However, artwork not submitted as halftones require special quotation.

Shipping Info


When it is necessary for us to ship parts of an order at some future date, the entire order will be produced and invoiced at the time the first shipment is made, and the balance of the order is stored in our warehouse. There will be a $15.00 charge for each release from inventory after the initial shipment is made and the entire order must be shipped within 30 days. Min: 144 pcs.


3rd PARTY-All orders prepaid and invoiced by the carrier directly to the distributor. Your Invoice will read (3rd Party). Shipments may be sent collect or freight prepaid and added directly to the invoice.


Normal shipping is in master cartons by motor freight. Shipment of orders by UPS requires additional packaging to minimize breakage and thereby incurs a special packaging charge of $4.00 per carton. (We recommend U.P.S. not be used) If a carrier is not specified, or the specified carrier does not service Los Angeles, the factory will select the carrier. Bills of Lading are normally made out so that the shipment is prepaid and the carrier will bill the distributor directly. Variances, such as "Ship Collect" must be stated on the purchase order. THE SOURCE has no control of the shipment once it is picked up and time enroute can only be estimated. When freight charges are to be added to your invoice, a charge of 5% of the freight bill will be included. No Parcel Post. No COD shipments.

All goods are shipped at the buyer's risk and all claims must be made against the carrier. We do not insure on time delivery or safe carriage of goods. Recourse rests exclusively with the transportation company. Claims for freight adjustments, breakage and delays in transit must be filed with the carrier within 15 days or receipt. Unless otherwise requested, all items will be shipped at a released value "not to exceed" $.90 per lb. Any claims paid by the transportation company would be based upon this value. Title to the goods passes to the buyer at the F.O.B. point.


We will make every effort to meet this date, and will guarantee specific shipping dates. However, after the carrier receives shipment we no longer have control and as such cannot guarantee or be responsible for specific arrival dates.


When the total order is prepared and shipped at one time to multiple destinations, the order will be billed at total quantity price plus $5.00 for each extra destination after the first. Must be in standard carton quantities. A disk must be submitted with multiple locations. Please indicate quantity to ship per location.

Floppy disk can be submitted in Excel, Lotus, or D-Base III. If a disk can not be submitted only a list, there will be an additional charge of $1.00 per location. When the total order is not shipped at one time, see paragraph "Dated Drop shipments'.

Order Info


Any changes, corrections, or cancellations of an order received by the factory can be made only with the understanding that the factory will receive full compensation for any order processing or production which has already occurred. The factory reserves the right to commence production of a future shipment order at any time after receipt of such an order.


Is considered to be a change in lettering or numbering only. Minimum number of items per change is 72 with a $25.00 charge per change. A change in design and size within an order will cause the order to be entered as separate orders and priced accordingly.


When the same imprint is to be imprinted in more than one color, add $25.00 per change, minimum is 72 pcs.


Due to the nature of ceramic inks, which are fired to the ware at high temperatures, there can be slight color variations. Exact color matches cannot be guaranteed. We try to match your color selection as closely as possible using PMS numbers as a reference only.


$35.00 per color. A request for a special color must be clearly stated on the order and a swatch or PMS designation included. Due to the high temperature firing of ceramic inks an exact match is not always possible. Special colors normally DELAY an order. Please allow an ADDITIONAL 3-4 WEEKS for special color development.


A combination order for two or more items with exactly the same size and design imprint will be billed at the combined quantity price.


THE SOURCE can create custom ceramic pieces from your ideas. The minimum order for a custom handle is 1000 pieces. The minimum order for custom mug or pieces is 1000-2500 pieces. Tooling and custom items not in catalog must all be accompanied with a deposit. Tooling must be paid in full and a deposit on the order to begin production. Any additional information, please contact factory.


We can manufacture our ceramic products in many unusual glaze colors. The minimum order for a custom glaze is 500 pieces. The additional cost is 20% - 50% of the item's cost with a one color imprint. Please check with factory for the availability of a custom color and allow 5 to 8 weeks for delivery. We will custom glaze USA made pieces only.


1 color/1 side $1.25 per pc. Second side-wraparound $1.00 extra. Plus screen charge. We can deep etch imprints that are very bold, no thin lines or tight spacing. When deep etch imprinting we can imprint one to two colors (only if not touching). We are limited to select USA made styles. Hand glazed thickness on mugs will alter etch imprint as well as some colors. There may be variations on etch which should be considered acceptable. If artwork needs to be altered, in order to deep etch imprint, we will only call to notify you of any artwork charges exceeding $25.00. Limited number of stock deep etch color fill options available. Call factory for list of colors.


No colors overlapping, or tight registration.


Gold and silver (platinum) decorations, while kiln-fired on, are basically metals and as such will wear if subject to harsh abrasives. FOR PRICING PURPOSES, EITHER GOLD OR SILVER (PLATINUM) COUNTS AS A TWO COLOR IMPRINT FOR EACH FOUR SQUARE INCHES. We also reserve the right to charge extra if the amount of gold or silver (platinum) required in any particular design is excessive.


Rim, precious haloing is available at $.50 per item. Band is available at $.60 per item. For rim or band minimum quantity. NOTE: Halos and other precious metal decorations are not dishwasher safe. Gold - available in microwave.


Products and logos shown in this catalog appear only to illustrate the basic products and the ability to include messages and art on them, but are never intended to suggest that the imprints were designed by this company or that the products with those specific imprints are readily available to any purchaser without permission of the owners of the trademarked or copyrighted art or copy.


We will gladly insert items such as business cards or special printed cards into your merchandise prior to shipping at no additional charge. However, the material must be folded to easily drop into the item or mailer involved. If there is any question as to the ease of inserting, please contact the factory for a special quote.


The following prices apply to mailers for most items in our catalog. Freight rate and quantity per case will vary according to packing.

Single Pack Mailer $ .95 ea.
Two Pack Mailer/10-12 oz. $1.50 ea.
Four Pack Mailer/10-12 oz. $1.80 ea.


Our minimum order is 144 pieces. You may mix colors. Minimum quantity per matte or gloss glaze color is 72 pieces.


Due to the inherent properties of ceramic ware, there may be small imperfections and irregularities which should not be perceived as defective. Variations in materials, firing temperatures, and imprint pigments may result in variation in glaze and imprint colors. These variations must be considered acceptable.


(Physical decal or physical screen sample) An actual pre-production sample of a bonafide order is available for additional cost of $20.00 per color, plus screen charges not rebateable. Orders canceled after production of a proof will be billed for screen charges at $45.00 per color, and artwork. You are also responsible for manufactured pieces should this order be canceled. Fee is a 100% of total order which includes: labor, material, storage and restock. To prevent these charges - (order a speculative sample).


Due to the difficulty of manufacturing exact requirements with out sacrificing quality, a shipment of 10% over or under the quantity ordered must be considered as a fulfillment of the order. Those orders stating "exact quantity only" will not be acceptable.


Three to six weeks are usually required to process an order, depending upon the complexity of design and season of the year.


Black and white paper proofs, $17.50 , Separation proof, $35.00.


Counts as a 2 color imprint (contains gold).


Charges for rush orders will be assessed by THE SOURCE and based on our schedule at the time the order is received. Any rush charges will be quoted before the order is put into production.


If specified on order, a sample from the production run is available. Add $5.00 minimum each, plus shipping charges. Label must be provided by the distributor.


Now available $5.00, one side. Plus set-up $100.00.


We can usually match colors. However, because of the nature of ceramic paints we cannot guarantee exact matches, especially in lavender and purple. Requests for colors other than standard must be clearly marked "match swatch enclosed" and be accompanied by the swatch of PMS color. If not accompanied with the purchase order, our policy is we cannot accept your order.


Speculative sample on request for $30.00 per imprint color in addition to normal screen charges and any necessary art charges. Due to the variations in ceramic dye lots, we can not guarantee an exact match in mug colors from what you receive. Spec samples are not available from October 15th through January 5th.


All copy or other material submitted by the customer for use by the factory in producing items ordered, whether or not artwork by the factory is required therewith, will be accepted by the factory as being submitted in full compliance with all applicable laws regarding trademark, service mark, copyright, right of privacy, patent, or similar protection. The customer, by submitting such copy or other material, represents that the use thereof by the factory on the items ordered will not violate any such laws, and the factory hereby disclaims any and all liability for compliance with such laws in the use of the customer's copy or other material. The customer hereby agrees to hold the factory harmless to any damages, costs, and/or expenses when they arise under all such laws as a consequence of the factory's use of said copy or other material or the operations undertaken by this agreement.


Available on select USA-made styles. Additional cost $1.00 . For Off White inside and Black, Blue, Hunter green gloss colors outside. Other options available at addition costs.

Extra Info


Acknowledgments are made prior to production with the express purpose of communicating both receipt of the order and information regarding interpretation of instructions, price, shipping and design. This information must be examined carefully so that any misunderstandings can be resolved prior to production. Otherwise, the order will be produced and invoiced exactly as acknowledged. Acknowledged shipping dates are estimated based upon anticipated production time and availability of wares. No allowance is made for art revisions, material changes to the order, or other circumstances beyond our control.


All complaints must be made within 30 days of shipment. No merchandise may be returned without prior authorization from the factory. All returns must have a RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER. No exceptions. For complaints involving freight carrier, breakage, or shortage, refer to "Shipping Information."


The Source is a manufacturer of unique customer ceramic mugs & gift items-many of which are made & designed for specific customers with specific needs. Therefore, all 1st time customers will be required to send 50% deposits with order & balance upon completion. After 1st order B-K will have the opportunity to check credit references of each customer. Any order exceeding $10,000 requires a deposit (New & old customers). The Source now accepts Visa, Master Card, or a faxed check as payment for your convenience.


Use 144 quantity pricing. Minimum order is $100. Minimum 72 pcs per color/per style. Allow 2-4 weeks.
UNION LABEL: Not available.


THE SOURCE warrants its products for satisfactory workmanship and material. Defective merchandise will be replaced or credit will be given, but our liability is limited to the invoiced cost of the item.